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Expanding The Reach Of Your Praise

Tehillah Services has a variety of services to offer those in the musical faith-based community. Whether it's public relations, marketing, advertising, consulting or the other services we provide, we would love to spread the word about your music ministry.


We offer strategy development and planning as well as imaging and branding. We examine where you are currently and create detail-oriented plans to accomplish the goals you have in mind. We can inform media outlets about your music ministry through public relations services which include traditional PR campaigns, online PR campaigns, media relations and outreach, media tours, media training and press release creation and servicing. We also help clients connect with their target market directly through marketing campaigns, marketing plans, digital marketing and social media marketing.


For those who need content created, we can produce biographies, feature stories, one sheets and other writing materials. We can create great graphic design including websites, brochures, postcards, business cards, letterhead, flyers, e-blasts and other marketing collateral. One of the best ways to convey your message is through advertising. We provide advertising services and can assist with advertising placement. We offer video promotion services and coordinate photo shoots. Need a concert planned? Tehillah Enterprises can do that, too. We can plan, manage and promote your event. With our illustrious history in Gospel music, we can plan your church event by managing and facilitating the entire process. We offer artist management and artist development as well. For those seeking direction and guidance on the next steps for promotion in ministry or business, we offer consultations.


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